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Cleaning Products!

multiple cleaning products

Specifically engineered for maximum performance and ease of use, Roto-Static products offer the excellent results you need to care for your belongings in-between cleaning appointments. Our products are professional strength, give superior results and are safe for your delicate carpets and upholstery. Order today and discover the quality and value that has made Roto-Static the brand that Canadians trust!

Stain Removal Products!


Carpet Stain Remover bottleThis is the product that people are talking about! Simple to use, professional strength, effective and safe. That's why so many Canadians trust our Roto-Static brand carpet stain remover. This product is great inside and outside the home. Use for cars, boats, and planes... anywhere there's carpeting! Safe for all water cleanable and colourfast carpets. Available in a 500 ml bottle with a convenient dispensing cap.


Upholstery Stain Remover bottleThe fantastic performance of our carpet stain remover in an upholstery cleaning product. Excellent results inside and outside the home. Use for car and boat upholstery, patio furniture, planes, awnings... anywhere you need to clean fabric. Safe for all water cleanable and colourfast fabrics. Available in a 500 ml bottle with a convenient spray top.

Odour Eliminator Products


Pet Odour Eliminator bottleRoto-Static Pet Odour Eliminator is specifically formulated for use on pet urine stains to sanitize and deodorize carpets and upholstery. Use following cleaning the area with Roto-Static carpet or upholstery cleaner. Formulated with a pleasant spruce scent. Available in a 500 ml bottle with a convenient dispensing cap.


Odour Magic Deodorizer bottleRoto-Static Odour Magic Deodorizer can be used directly on carpets and upholstery or as a space spray. Great for bathrooms, running shoes, trashcans or any surface that needs freshening up! Formulated with a pleasant fresh scent. Available in a 250ml bottle with a convenient spray top.


Air Magic Deodorizer bottleRoto-Static Air Magic Deodorizer is formulated with natural citrus oil extract for use on stubborn odours requiring quick results. Air Magic is packaged in an aerosol can for a powerful delivery. Helps deodorize tobacco smoke and cooking odours on fabrics, drapes, as well as a general space spray. Great for trashcans bins and garages too! Formulated with a pleasant orange scent. Available in a 369g aerosol can with a pressurized spray top.

Other Cleaning Products


This is a true cleaning product, not just a polish. Roto-Static vinyl cleaner gently and thoroughly cleans vinyl and plastics and leaves a subtle shine that isn't oily or slippery. Use for car, boat and plane vinyl, patio furniture, painted and plastic surfaces. Available in a 500 ml bottle with a convenient spray top.


Roto-Static Roto-Scrub is a highly effective mildly abrasive cleaner for use on stainless steel sinks, ceramic bathroom fixtures and more! Formulated with natural pine oil, Roto-scrub is clean rinsing and very effective while leaving a fresh pine fragrance. Available in a 900 ml bottle with a convenient flip top.